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Love Nest

Directed by Remus Buznea and Kyriaki Kyriakou


A loving tribute to the stinky rinky-dink room in which we wasted the vast majority of our student life. 

Sound design in collaboration with Lister Rossel.

Screenings and Awards: Winner of Audience Choice at Animation Nights New York - Jan 2019, Cartoon Brew 'Pick of the Day' – May 2018; Catsuka – May 2018, Stash - May 2018, Quick Dinners For One – May 2018, Screened at Open World Animation Fest – July 2018, Screened at Midsummer Night Toons – August 2018, Focus On Animation - October 2018, ChaniarToon - September 2018, Proto & Co - November 2018, ASIFA-South - November 2018


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